Enrich your child’s education, go on a round the world trip
March 31, 2018  | By tickettolearn

How cool would it be? Tickets are only around $3,300. You can pick whether you visit ancient capitals (Rome, Athens, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Tehran, Delhi, Siem Reap), modern capitals (Washington D.C., London, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Beijing), stay in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, land in as many continents, the possibilities are endless. Texans will drive 18 hours (36 hours round trip) to Colorado, students in Minnesota 24 hours (48 hours round trip) to go skiing, Vacationers from the northeast anywhere from 13 to 24 hours to get to south Florida. Once there, after a week or two they turn around and…Read More

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Enrich your child’s education, visit Key West Florida
February 22, 2018  | By tickettolearn

  Known as the southernmost point in the continental United States, Key West Florida has so much to offer. Built on a coral reef the shallow scuba and snorkeling is amazingly diverse. Fishing, you will tire before you run out of different types of fish to catch. History – Treasure from a sunken Spanish Galleon in 1622 is worth $500,000,000.  Stop by the Mel Fisher museum and appreciate what persistence means as you learn abouVisit President Harry Truman’s favorite vacation spot or Earnest Hemingway’s house. Key West once supplied the U.S with salt, cigars and sponges. Great food, places to…Read More

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Enrich your child’s education, go to Charleston, South Carolina
January 5, 2018  | By tickettolearn

In a single trip you can enjoyably manage learning about the slave trade, Colonial history, Civil War, Pirates, how fires forced changes to building codes which influenced architecture, international trade and  sea life while staying in hip boutique hotels and eating amazing food. In 2016, the readers of Travel and Leisure magazine voted Charleston the #1 city to visit in the world. Countless other resources annually rank Charleston a must place to visit because it has so much to offer. It is truly wonderful. Kids will love the carriage ride through old town learning about the Charleston single house ,…Read More

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Family travel should include visiting a Volcano
October 6, 2017  | By tickettolearn

Natural wonders have a big impact on kids. The first time they see a huge wave bigger than a building, stand in a 50 MPH wind or if they are really lucky see an eclipse can change their view their surroundings and possibly ignite a love of learning. Unfortunately, most natural wonders are hard to plan to get to see. Seeing a Volcano is one natural wonder that can be seen, even get close to the lava flow that has a meaningful impact on kids and adults. We think we are standing on solid ground but witnessing a volcano changes…Read More

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Work a Geo puzzle of the world with your child.
July 29, 2017  | By tickettolearn

No matter the age of your child there is a world map for their age: 35, 60, 100, 600 pieces. The benefits of working a puzzle of the world are numerous. Most of the maps attempt to make the pieces relative to the land mass of each country so your child will get a sense of how big the United States is and how small Great Britain. Consider the population of each country relative to the landmass. Discuss the type of government of each country, natural resources, differences in weather, language, natural trading partners, historical allies and enemies. Discuss explorers…Read More

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Enrich your child’s education – The Penny
June 18, 2017  | By tickettolearn

Where did the name come from, what is it made of and why the design? We all use money but we almost never stop to consider the story behind the coin or bill we handle daily. With the first introduction of coins around 600 BC, nations began stamping their coins with designs. The Greeks featured their ruler or images of their Gods. By the time of the Roman empire, 99% of the emperors had their images on Roman coins. What Americans refer to as a penny or $0.01, or one cent comes from the English coin called the Penny. From…Read More

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Experience American life in the early 1800’s visiting Monticello, Virginia while learning about Thomas Jefferson
May 29, 2017  | By tickettolearn

Spend half a day at Monticello, minutes from Charlottesville, Virginia and experience life in rural America circa 1800. Designed for a large multi generational family, the house was the family home of Thomas Jefferson. A good many hours ride from neighbors, guests  – and there were many would come and stay a while.  Monticello was a home, office, library, laboratory, museum and architectural marvel. Jefferson collected books, having a library of over 6,000, oversaw his plantation from his home office, experimented with a wide variety of seeds and vegetables, tinkered with time saving gadgets, started a nail factory, displayed gifts from explorers…Read More

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Why take your child on a Duck Tour
April 2, 2017  | By tickettolearn

Duck tours can be found in many cities around the United States. You might consider them hokey, but consider it from a kids perspective. It is a huge amphibious machine. Kids love big trucks, bulldozers, cement trucks and the like. This is one they get to ride in and even better, it goes into the water. It is a great way to see a city since the amphibious machine sits 10 feet up allowing you to see over all the cars. It is a tour so the driver  provides commentary telling you what sights you are passing. Since it is open…Read More

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Why take your child on a cruise
March 8, 2016  | By tickettolearn

Every child should go on a cruise, for thousands of years it was the most efficient means of travel. Cities were built along coastlines and waterways in order to make the trading of goods most efficient. When you arrive in port, you are arriving like sailors arrived since the city was founded. It has been less than 100 years that we could fly from one place to another. Today, global trade is still done by ships. Let your child experience, what life aboard a ship is like; the roll of the ocean, sea breeze, nothing on the horizon but water…Read More

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Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations

To explore: Where do we come from? How did our ancestors settle this planet? How did the great historic civilizations of the world develop? How does a past so shadowy that it has to be painstakingly reconstructed from fragmentary, largely unwritten records nonetheless make us who and what we are? This course brings you the answers that the latest scientific and archaeological research and theorizing suggest about human origins, how populations developed, and the ways in which civilizations spread throughout the globe. It is a narrative of the story of human origins and the many ties that still bind us…Read More

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