Enrich your child’s education, visit Key West Florida

February 22, 2018  | By tickettolearn


Known as the southernmost point in the continental United States, Key West Florida has so much to offer. Built on a coral reef the shallow scuba and snorkeling is amazingly diverse. Fishing, you will tire before you run out of different types of fish to catch.

History – Treasure from a sunken Spanish Galleon in 1622 is worth $500,000,000.  Stop by the Mel Fisher museum and appreciate what persistence means as you learn abouVisit President Harry Truman’s favorite vacation spot or Earnest Hemingway’s house. Key West once supplied the U.S with salt, cigars and sponges.

Great food, places to stay and a bar for every kind of experience. Even a desert spot named “Better Than Sex”.  Key Lime Pie was invented here.

Easy to get to by air or take the unique three hour drive on essentially a bridge from Miami. Key West is a great spot to enrich your child’s education while having a relaxing holiday.

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