Enrich your child’s education, go to Charleston, South Carolina

January 5, 2018  | By tickettolearn

In a single trip you can enjoyably manage learning about the slave trade, Colonial history, Civil War, Pirates, how fires forced changes to building codes which influenced architecture, international trade and  sea life while staying in hip boutique hotels and eating amazing food.

In 2016, the readers of Travel and Leisure magazine voted Charleston the #1 city to visit in the world. Countless other resources annually rank Charleston a must place to visit because it has so much to offer. It is truly wonderful.

Kids will love the carriage ride through old town learning about the Charleston single house , the paddle boat out to Fort Sumter where the first shots of the civil war were fired, hearing the tales of Black Beard, petting and feeding sharks at the aquarium. Watch the massive container ships come and go.

Charleston was one of the richest Colonial cities up until the Civil War. Blessed with fertile ground and water where rice and indigo flourished, Charleston’s natural harbor has been an international trading post for over 300 years.

Spend a few remarkable days  exploring and learning without getting back in your car until you leave  since everything is within walking distance.

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