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Sam McClure’s first passport photo was taken when she was only one month old. As an “oil brat”, Sam lived and traveled all over the world, instilling in her a thirst for exploring new destinations. Her background led her to open her own travel agency in 1999 where she expertly guides others as they explore the globe.

Sam McClure QuoteThough Sam and her family are based in Austin, TX, they have traveled the world together. Sam believes that the greatest gift you can give to your children is to share the world with them. Knowing that the world is a classroom, Sam and her husband took their own two children to all seven continents by the time they were 12. From seeing the European countries of their ancestors to admiring the ancient wonders of Egypt and Jordan to trekking gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda, Sam understands how to craft journeys for families no matter the destination.

Sam strives for all her clients to also have special trips with their own families. Whether the client wants a week-long getaway or one of her unique, year-long family adventures, Sam works closely with each client to understand their needs, and she leverages her extensive global network to create trips that they will remember for years to come.

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