Why take your child on a Duck Tour

April 2, 2017  | By tickettolearn

Duck tours can be found in many cities around the United States. You might consider them hokey, but consider it from a kids perspective. It is a huge amphibious machine. Kids love big trucks, bulldozers, cement trucks and the like. This is one they get to ride in and even better, it goes into the water.

It is a great way to see a city since the amphibious machine sits 10 feet up allowing you to see over all the cars. It is a tour so the driver  provides commentary telling you what sights you are passing. Since it is open air, the kids can be as loud as they want, even better, they are provided with Duck whistles that make a quacking sound when blown into. The coolest part is when the big truck goes into the water and becomes a boat. Now you get to see the city from a different vantage point. In Honolulu, the tour takes you out to where the suffers are surfing so you get to see how big the waves really are.
For a change of pace that every child will remember and the opportunity to teach while having fun take a Duck Tour in a city your visiting.

By Anthony Appleyard

While on it,
remind your child that the vehicle is similar in design to the amphibious landing craft used during World War II in Normandy and in the Pacific. The real ones can be seen in Museums in Fredricksburg, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Have fun with the experience and enrich your child’s education.