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The mission of Marmara Tours:  Designed to pursue the needs of upscale travelers destined to Turkey of today and the ancient world.

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Based in Istanbul, Marmara Tours presents absolute professionalism where quality matters to discerning traveler.

With the expertise and in-depth knowledge of Turkey, our objective is giving you a flawless arrangement so that you will freely spread the word around we shall deserve.

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Turkey on two continents, densely layered cityscapes, stunningly still standing classical ruins, chaotic bazaars, and rich but complex culinary testify to the country’s unique position at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Istanbul, strolling on the strategic waterway, Bosphorus Strait, has been the capital of three empires – Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman – marked in history with mosaics and the domes-and-minarets make it the skyline for this relics of our world to prove it. Ruins of legendary habitations dotting Turkey’s long coast on the Mediterranean – Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Bodrum – preserved the secrets in marble of ancient civilizations you have been reading about from books now on youtube. In sprawling souks with hand crafted works of artists -carpets, spices, silks and other exotic goods ready to buy reflect millennia-old trade routes still traversing the country.

The geologic wonders drag minds into the cultural depth. The cascading mineral pools today, of Pamukkale once fed the Roman baths, the rocky volcanic cones of Cappadocia honeycombed in centuries-old subterranean habitations and temples. Turkey’s eating culture is revered as one of the world’s great cuisines: chicken with apricots and almonds, slow-roasted eggplant with garlic and lemon, lamb shish kebab off the skewers, honey pastries and lots of yogurt that we eat and offer to our guests if not at weddings but eateries.



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