Travel Experts

We highly recommend hiring a travel adviser/consultant

While you may like control, enjoy researching and want the best deal, we learned early on that in order to get the most out of any trip we took it was worth the extra cost of working with an expert. We cannot put a price on having the right hotel in the ideal location, the incredible restaurant with the perfect table, or an experienced guide with local insights. A travel expert is the lynchpin to an unforgettable trip. Once you’ve selected your expert, communication is key: be sure to articulate what you would like to see and experience on your trip.

Our experts will work closely with your family to understand your interests and passions in order to offer the best selection of locations and activities. With the added experience of your travel expert, you will be excited to visit new sites and enjoy experiences you may never have thought of. Your travel expert will help you develop a tailormade itinerary and skillfully help you avoid the headaches and hassles that can arise while traveling. Our experts will sweat the details so your family can get the most out of your educational travel experience.