Enrich your child’s education, go on a round the world trip

March 31, 2018  | By tickettolearn

How cool would it be? Tickets are only around $3,300. You can pick whether you visit ancient capitals (Rome, Athens, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Tehran, Delhi, Siem Reap), modern capitals (Washington D.C., London, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Beijing), stay in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, land in as many continents, the possibilities are endless.

Texans will drive 18 hours (36 hours round trip) to Colorado, students in Minnesota 24 hours (48 hours round trip) to go skiing, Vacationers from the northeast anywhere from 13 to 24 hours to get to south Florida. Once there, after a week or two they turn around and drive home. Flight time around the world is around 54 hours. One can have an incredible experience and educational trip in three weeks, unbelievable in four weeks.

Experience multiple cultures, cuisine, a different currency in every city, languages and dress. Consider world trade, strategic alliances and politics. Communism vs capitalism vs Monarchs.

Discover, explore, think boldly. Come up with a theme, call your travel advisor and brainstorm a trip of a lifetime.