Work a Geo puzzle of the world with your child.

July 29, 2017  | By tickettolearn
No matter the age of your child there is a world map for their age: 35, 60, 100, 600 pieces.
The benefits of working a puzzle of the world are numerous. Most of the maps attempt to make the pieces relative to the land mass of each country so your child will get a sense of how big the United States is and how small Great Britain.
Consider the population of each country relative to the landmass. Discuss the type of government of each country, natural resources, differences in weather, language, natural trading partners, historical allies and enemies. Discuss explorers and time-frame of when westerners discovered different continents and the impact they had on the native population.
How did little Portugal conquer all of the Indian ocean as well as Brazil? How did Spain control so much of North and South America? Discuss the part of the world Britain and France controlled. What about Russia and its sale of Alaska to the United States. How big was the Louisiana Purchase compared to the seller France? Examine the silk trade route, slave trade and current oil trade. While the puzzle will be flat it allows the child to get a mental image of how the countries are laid out.
The more detailed puzzles add longitude and latitude. This creates a great opportunity to consider where 0 degree latitude sits vs 0 degree longitude. One makes sense mathematically and practically while the other is a head scratcher.  Many of the continents have animals unique to themselves, see how many you can name.
Working a puzzle can provide quality family time, can lead to in depth conversations and will enrich your child’s education.