Prehistoric Times

Dinosaurs, Caves, Canyons & Volcanoes

In 2nd and 9th grades, studying prehistoric times brings forth wonderment and nightmares. Children will never forget the first dinosaur they encounter. Take a family field trip to any number of places to see these incredible creatures. Climb down into caves and canyons to let your child explore. The size alone is hard to fathom. Likewise for children, experiencing the grandeur of caves, canyons and volcanoes initiates a lifetime of exploring for each encounter is unique. Dinosaurs evolved over millions of years and then became extinct as our planet changed.

Understanding these variables and the resulting changes helps develop a deeper understanding of the environmental debates waging today. Exploring caves, canyons and volcanoes exposes children to natural beauty beyond anything man can manufacture in addition to laying the foundation for understanding that the forces of nature are not to be underestimated.

Check out the lava fields of active volcanoes in Hawaii or Chile, marveling at the devastation caused by the flow. Travel to Pompeii, Italy and explore this Roman city where life stopped in 79 A.D. when Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the city with up to 20 ft of volcanic ash. Excavation here continues to unearth a city as it existed 2,000 years ago. Look down into an active volcano from a helicopter and witness the bubbling boiling pot, not of water but molten lava. Learning done outside the classroom will reinforce that taught inside the classroom.



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