Grand Teton National Park

Situated between Yellowstone National Park to the north and the bustling tourist village of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to the south, Grand Teton National Park offers adventures and activities for all manner of outdoor enthusiasts.

Here’s one way to spend a memorable day among the Tetons.

The mountains dominate your field of vision as you drive through the park. But the lakes at their base are just as majestic. The Jenny Lake district is a popular area for families to use as a home base while exploring the park.

Stay in a rustic cabin at the Jenny Lake Lodge, camp in the adjoining campgrounds, or just stop by for the day. You can rent bikes and kayaks, fish and hike, and swim.

One popular hike from Jenny Lake takes visitors up to Inspiration Point.  You can start with a boat ride across the lake, or set out on foot, which adds a few miles to your journey. Although not a long hike–the main section of it is just under a mile–it’s dramatically steep, with an elevation change of 1200 feet. Since you’re already starting your journey at a high elevation, be prepared for a slow climb, with lots of breaks to catch your breath, drink some water, and eat some snacks.

One you arrive at the top, pause to enjoy the vista, then continue your journey through Cascade Canyon. This flat trail winds its way alongside a creek. It’s a great place to practice quiet active listening as you hike with children. The area is filled with wildlife, from the tiny pika to the mighty moose, and quiet hikers will catch more glimpses of creatures at home in the wild.

Catch the boat back across Jenny Lake, or hike your way around–stop for a rejuvenating swim in tiny (and slightly warmer) String Lake, just north of Jenny Lake. It’s a much less populated destination, and a great place to stretch out with a picnic and relax your tired muscles.

From any angle, at any point in the park, sunset is spectacular. Catch the golds and ambers as they crest across the peaks of the Tetons, then let your eyes adjust and watch the Milky Way arc overhead.


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