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You have many options to travel with your child in 6th or 11th grade.  The United Sates bought all the land west of the Mississippi from Napoleon (France) and Alaska from Russia. Follow Lewis and Clarke’s journey from St. Louis to the Pacific. Re-live the war of 1812 and the battle of New Orleans. Take train trips and experience the invention that changed the world and shrunk America. Check out Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, Switzerland’s Glacier Express, or Scotland’s Royal Scotsman. Sail gave way to the steamship, making sea travel faster and more comfortable. Unfortunately, few Steam Ships remain, but consider a paddlewheel on the Mississippi, or any cruise that will give you the at sea experience and ports the way people have arrived for 2,000 years. For the more adventuresome, try a windjammer cruise in the British Virgin Islands aboard a 125 ft tall ship or a little more luxurious, investigate Windstar Cruises and their 440-617 ft sailing ships. The Civil War split the United States. Visit any of the best 25 Civil War sites to get a first-hand look at the battlegrounds. Drive the trade routes: The Santa Fe Trail or the migration path of the Oregon Trail. Texas declared its independence from Mexico and later became a state.  Visit Goliad, the Alamo or San Jacinto where important Texas battles took place. The British opened China up for trade, making Hong Kong today a must-see city. Troubles with Japan put them on a dangerous path that led to multiple military confrontations. Visit Japan to better understand the cultural divide between it, its neighbors and Western countries generally.



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