1600 AD – 1700 AD

Age of Discovery, Dutch, French and British Explorers

Closer to home, your child during 5th or 11th grade can visit many of these places over a long weekend. The French began exploring modern-day Canada in 1534 and they continued through this period migrating south along the Mississippi to the Gulf, establishing New Orleans. The British arrived at Jamestown in 1607 and Plymouth in 1627. You can visit living history reenactments at both these locations. American history begins and your child will learn the names Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, Governor William Bradford. The tradition of Thanksgiving hails from this period and you should consider attending a reenactment at Plymouth Plantation.  Ride bikes through these old communities in the fall when the season is changing and enjoy the same beauty the early settlers enjoyed 400 years ago. Beginning in the late 1600’s, monarchs began building extravagant gardens around their palaces. Louis XIV of France raised the bar at Versailles, launching the garden war for the next hundred years with every monarch trying to match or better the other. Today you can still walk through these gorgeous gardens all over the world: England, France, Austria, Russia, Italy, etc.



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