150 BC – 400 AD

Roman Empire, Jerusalem, Spread of Christianity, Mexican pyramids

During 4th and 10th grades, your child will learn how the impact of the Roman empire is still being felt around the world today. Your child will study aspects of this period throughout the school years and  will spend a considerable amount of time on Roman history specifically. Your child may not learn the Latin language, but will feel its influence in every subject. Our vocabulary is full of Latin words and phrases. Our laws are heavily influenced by Roman law, our constitution a direct relationship, our cities laid out in many cases just as Roman cities had been. The Roman empire set the stage for the spread of Christianity, which was birthed during this period in Jerusalem. The Bible was assembled and it impacts the course of history. While Rome conquered present day Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, civilizations in Latin and South America advanced with the building of their pyramids.

Science, the arts, warfare, trade, construction, and more all advanced during this period. Your child will recognize much of what can still be seen from this time period and understand it as the foundation for much of daily life (even something as simple as a public bathroom with running water). Explore these times and discover alongside your child why we do so many things the way we do them. Study with your child why Rome was able to conquer and control so much of the known world and hold it for hundreds of years. Go visit the evidence left: the Roman ruins in Italy, England has the Roman baths in Bath, but even France has many ancient Roman attractions, Turkey  maybe the best in Ephesus, and consider Spain and Cyprus, home to stunning sites.



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