25 Best Sites (to Visit): Colonial America and the American Revolution by Clint Johnson

November 16, 2015  | By William Glasgow

Plan a trip to visit several of these or check back when you are travelling to see if you will be close by. These are the 25 best sites for experiencing and re living Colonial American times and the American Revolution. The table provides the dates the original 13 colonies where founded. The maps below depicts who controlled North America in 1754 and locations and dates of the important battles from 1775 to 1781:

  1. Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts
  3. Plymouth, Massachusetts
  4. Fort Stanwix, New York
  5. Fort Ticonderoga
  6. Saratoga, New York
  7. Morristown, New Jersey
  8. Trenton & Princeton, New Jersey
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
  11. Mount Vernon, Virginia
  12. Jamestown, Virginia
  13. Williamsburg & Yorktown, Virginia
  14. Roanoke Island, North Carolina
  15. New Bern, North Carolina
  16. Moorse Creek Bridge, North Carolina
  17. Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina
  18. Old Salem, North Carolina
  19. Charleston, North Carolina
  20. Camden, South Carolina
  21. Kings Mountain, South Carolina
  22. Cowpens, South Carolina
  23. Savannah, Georgia
  24. Augustine, Florida
  25. Vincennes, Indiana

Colony dates

who controlled what in 1750

American Revolution Principal Campaigns