Pyramids of Giza

The only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the pyramids of Giza will take your breath away. Built as the burial tombs for Egyptian Pharoahs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, the pyramids were the tallest man-made buildings on the planet for almost 4000 years. Each brick of each pyramid weighs around 2.5 tons, and over 2 million bricks make up the Great Pyramid alone. Archaeologists estimate that each pyramid took between 10-30 years to build.  

A visit to the pyramids can be a visual feast and an athletic feat. Hire horses, donkeys, or camels for a memorable ride up to the pyramids. As a bonus, these guided rides bring you along the sandy area northwest of the pyramids, where you’re distanced from the crowds of tour buses.

The adventurous in your group can climb inside the pyramids themselves–venture down long narrow passages where only kids can stand upright, holding onto ropes to help pull you along. Wind your way through to the galleries, where you might find an empty sarcophagus, a high-ceilinged burial chamber, or maybe even a clue to the still-undiscovered treasure rumored to be hidden within.

In the Giza pyramid complex, you’ll also find Khufu’s Boat Museum, where archaeologists reconstructed one of the sun boats built to ferry the Pharaoh Khufu across the afterworld. The full-size boat was rebuilt using over 1200 pieces discovered during excavations in the area.

If you want a truly spectacular experience, stick around for the hour-long evening Giza Sound and Light Show. Kids of all ages ooh and aah at the illuminated pyramids, as the Sphinx narrates the history of the great kings buried within, and the secrets and legends that still inspire explorers and archaeologists. If the pyramids seem immense in the daytime, imagine them illuminated against a starlit sky.

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