The Temple at Delphi

Just a short day trip from Athens lies Delphi, which the ancient Athenians believed to be the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth meet. Come see one of the best-preserved collections of ancient ruins in Greece, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here travelers can explore the sacred ruins of the ancient Temple of Apollo, and see the site of the Oracle, where an ancient priestess was said to speak with the voice of Apollo, offering wisdom to all, kings and commoners.

Explore the stadium, the theater, and the many temples built in this holy site. Prepare for a full day of exploring the temples and ruins of the area, situated on a majestic hillside. The theater, which held 5,000 spectators, boasts one of the most spectacular views in Greece.

The nearby Delphi Archaeological Museum houses artifacts unearthed from all eras, including a life-size bronze charioteer.