Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Step back in time to 1775. Walk the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, chat with the wig maker, blacksmith, you are new to town so visit the furniture maker and see how your chairs are coming along. Your new rifle is almost finished so visit the Gunsmith and Foundry to test it and consider a new sword. To get rid of that rash, stop in the Apothecary for the newest remedy. Simply stated, taking your child to Williamsburg is living history. Many of the buildings have been restored, while others like the Governor’s mansion and Capital have been reconstructed on the original sites. Bruton Parish Church has been in use since 1715 as an Episcopal Church. Virginian’s played a critical role in the American Revolution, and they all spent time here.

Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect trip for 5-12 year olds. Both girls and boys will find areas of interest. It can also work for older kids but adjustments need to get made to your itinerary to keep them fully engaged.

While you are planning your trip, make sure to take a day at Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Battlefield. Jamestown Settlment is where the expedition led by John Smith settled in 1607 and Yorktown is where George Washington’s army defeated the British in 1781 and turned the tide of the war.

Adjacent to Williamsburg is the campus of William & Mary, the second largest public University in Virginia.

Chartered in 1693, notable alumni include Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Marshall, all individuals your child will learn about in school.

Experiencing the living history of Williamsburg enables your child to learn by participating rather than sitting at a desk in a classroom. Make the time to visit and enrich your child’s education. Talk to a travel expert to determine, when to go, where to stay, what to see and where to eat making your trip seamless and more enjoyable.