The Acropolis

To find the heart of Ancient Greek civilization, journey to the center of Athens, Greece, then climb up the rocky hillside to the Acropolis. Here you’ll find a collection of buildings crafted in the 5th century BC by Pericles to honor the cultural and political achievements of the people of Athens. The Parthenon, built as a temple to honor the goddess Athena, remains one of the finest examples of architecture in the world. Gaze out over Athens, and stand where heroes, priests, and playwrights have stood over the past five thousand years. 

Visit the Acropolis Museum, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, to explore artifacts uncovered on the holy rock of the Acropolis. In addition to gallery exhibits of statues, carvings, tiles, and pottery, the museum gives visitors a peek directly into the wonders of the Acropolis rock. While excavating the hillside to build the museum, archaeologists found countless artifacts from ancient Athens. The museum built large glass viewing walls into the building, so visitors can see the remnants of history still encased in the earth. Families can check out special backpacks filled with games, puzzles, and

The Acropolis by August Moonlight — A special late-summer event, visitors are invited to the Acropolis, and 55 other sites in Greece, on the night of the August full moon. This is a perfect way to catch the Parthenon in bright moonlight, and out of the heat of the summer day.


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