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How do you ensure that your child or grandchild receives the education and preparation he or she needs for a lifetime of success?

We provide you with travel ideas and resources to enrich your child’s education

There is no education like that gained through hands-on exploration of the world. With your child’s education as our guide we provide travel ideas, movies to watch, books to read, courses to take, outlines to help you dive deeper into the subjects, practical advice and travel experts to help you enjoy the most  enriching learning experiences.

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Travel Differently

Because every family learns – and travels – differently, Ticket To Learn resources are presented in four different ways.

Historical Periods

Explore the pyramids, or explore the solar system? Search for trips by the historical period in which your child is interested.

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Child's Interest

Does your child love sports? Or science? Or both? Find trips tailored to the topics in which your child is interested.

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Child's Age

The love of travel can be felt at any age, from 8 to 80. Find the right places to visit for your child’s age level.

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Want to see the plains of Africa? Or are the bistros of Paris more your speed? Search for trips by regions of the world.

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Take the Grand Tour

Skip the Searching and trust us with this 12 year travel plan.

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About Ticket to Learn

We are here to help you navigate the many decision points, sweat the details and make sure you enjoy the journey! As a family of 7 we have travelled the world for 17 years, beginning when our youngest was 4 years old. We are experts. Let us help you create the life long memories we have experienced.

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